Annual Congress 2017

Thursday 12 September 2019

Wednesday 11 September 2019    |    Friday 13 September 2019


Wellbeing drop-in session


Registration (Foyer, ground floor) / tea & coffee / industry exhibition (Hall 2, ground floor)
  Location: Auditorium, ground floor Location: Lomond Auditorium, ground floor
0900-1030 T1a: Sedation T1b: Environment 
This session will be live streamed with remote speakers
Chair: Dr Samantha Shinde, Chair of Environment and sustainability Committee, Association of Anaesthetists


0900-0925 Pharmacology
Paul Scott, Warrington

Teaching environmental sustainability in medical schools - what do anaesthetists have to offer?
Dr Cliff Shelton, NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow and Honorary Registrar, Lancaster Medical School and Manchester University 

0925-0950 Sedation by non-anaesthetists
Dr Seema Charters, Warrington

Waste, waste, glorious waste
Dr Anne Woolridge, COO, Independent Safety Services Ltd

0950-1015 Mesmerism: the new (old) sedation
Dr Paul Slater, Northampton

Plastic magic and volatile times
Sonia Roschnik, Director, Sustainable Development Unit

1015-1030 Discussion

2018 Barema & Association of Anaesthetists Award Winners

Environmental Fellowship Update


Tea & coffee / industry exhibition (Hall 2, ground floor)

  Location: Auditorium, ground floor
1100-1150 T2: Keynote Lecture
Chair: Dr Kathleen Ferguson, President, 
Association of Anaesthetists
  Why conferences are bad for your health, why patients give you thank-you cards when you haven’t done anything, and why it's good to make people cry
Dr Steve Yentis, London
1150-1220 T3: Annual Members' Meeting
1220-1245 Honours & Awards


Lunch / industry exhibition (Hall 2, Ground floor) / trainee lunch

  Location: Auditorium, ground floor Location: Lomond Auditorium, ground floor

Analgesia reborn

T4b: ACTACC session

T4c: Potpourri (session organised by the SAS committee)
Chair: Dr Thomas James, SAS Committee Chair

Intravenous lidocaine
Irwin Foo, Edinburgh
Thoracic anaesthesia for the occasional thoracic anaesthetist
Dr Benjamin Shelley, Glasgow

Poor behaviours in healthcare

Dr Neil Spenceley, Consultant Paediatric Intensivist, Glasgow Childrens Hospital

Justin Kirk-Bailey, Guildford
The role of Echo in noncardiac surgery
Dr Nick Fletcher, London
Association of Anaesthetists: suicide in anaethetists guideline and survey results
Dr Samantha Shinde, Vice President, Association of Anaethetists
Rectus Sheath Catheters
Anton Krige, Blackburn

How to choose your inotrope
Dr Guillermo Martinez, Cambridge

Fatigue survey results - Consultants, trainees and SAS doctors
Dr Emma Plunkett, Birmingham and Dr Thomas James, SAS Committee Chair

1500-1515 Discussion Discussion Discussion
1515-1545 Tea & coffee / industry exhibition / poster viewing (Hall 2, ground floor)
  Location: Auditorium, ground floor Location: Lomond Auditorium, ground floor
1545-1715 T5a: Safety
T5b: When things go wrong T5c: Oral Presentations: original research
1545-1610 Design of safety systems
Prof Jim Bagian, Michigan, USA
The view from the defence organisations
Dr Claire Macauley, Medical Defence Union
1610-1635 Improving drug safety: not so EZ
Dr Nick Chrimes, Melbourne, Australia

The Medical Director's view
Dr Jane Burns, Lancashire

1635-1700 Safety matters
Dr Craig Bailey, Chair, Safety Committee, Association of Anaesthetists
The view from the legal office
Dr Norma Shippin, NHS National Services, Scotland
1700-1715  Discussion