Annual Congress 2017

Thursday 28 September 2017

Wednesday 27 September 2017    |    Friday 29 September 2017

0830-0900 Registration (Foyer) & industry exhibition (Hall 2)
  Location: Hall 1a,b Location: Hall 1c Location: Hall 3a
0900-1030 T1a: Trauma
T1b: Learning and teaching (session organised by the GAT Committee)
T1c: Dilemmas in practice
0900-0925 Human factors in trauma management
Surg. Comm. Simon Mercer, Liverpool
Teaching to learn
Dr David Taylor, Liverpool
An interactive session about working in a demanding clinical service

0925-0950 Retrieval from remote areas
Dr Richard Price, Glasgow
Learning to teach
Prof John Sandars, Edge Hill University
0950-1015 Mechanisms of injury
Prof Guy Rutty, Leicester
See one, do one, be one; the Norwich Endoscopic Airway Training Course
Dr Nick Woodall, Norwich
1015-1030 Discussion Discussion
1030-1100 Tea/Coffee & Industry exhibition (Hall 2)
  Location: Hall 1a,b,c
1100-1150 T2: Keynote Session
Chair: Dr Paul Clyburn, President Elect, AAGBI
  The science of wellness: its more complicated than the absence of illness
Sir Harry Burns, (previous CMO Scotland); Prof Global Health Stratclyde University
1150-1220 T3: Annual Members' Meeting
1220-1245 Honours & Awards
1245-1345 Lunch (Hall 2) / Trainee Lunch (Hall 3a)
1245-13-45 Lunchtime industry-sponsored symposium. Lunch provided (Room 12)
  Location: Hall 1a,b Location: Hall 3b
Location: Hall 1c
1345-1515 T4a: Preoperative Association sesson

T4b: Not all in the mind

T4c: Potpourri (Session organised by SAS Committee)
Chair: Dr Olivera Potporic
1345-1410 Fit for surgery
Prof Mike Grocott, Liverpool
Stress in the workplace
Dr Hamish McLure, Leeds

SAS: future opportunities and challenges
Dr Kirstin May, Oxford
1410-1435 Screening for frailty in the preoperative setting
Dr Judith Partridge, London
Pre-operative anxiety and postoperative outcomes
Dr Julia Morch-Sidall, Newcastle
What is the optimal intraoperative oxygen fraction
Dr Lars Rasmussen, Copenhagen
1435-1500 Changing behaviour and getting patients active before surgery
Dr Rob Copeland, Sheffield
Dr Emma Plunkett, Birmingham
Keeping up to date – the literature and beyond
Prof Andy Smith, Lancaster
1500-1515 Discussion Discussion Discussion
1515-1545 Tea & Coffee / Industry Exhibition (Hall 2)
  Location: Hall 1a,b Location: Hall 3b Location: Hall 1c
1545-1715 T5a: New perspectives on resuscitation
T5b: Environment
T5c: Oral Presentations: Original research
1545-1610 Innovations in resuscitation practice
Dr Mark Forrest, Warrington
Pollution vs infection prevention: reusable or disposable equipment 
Prof Jodi Sherman, New York, USA
(Live video streaming from USA)
1610-1635 The science/art of decision making in resuscitation
Dr Dyfrig Hughes, Sheffield
Ethical procurement and sustainability reporting
Mr Ian Stenton, Liverpool
1635-1700 How resuscitation works
Prof Guy Rutty, Leicester

Lucozade, Whisky bottles, Pringles and beyond - how good is your recycling?
Mr Simon Ellin, CEO, The Recycling Association

1700-1715  Discussion   Discussion

 Wednesday 27 September 2017    |    Friday 29 September 2017