Annual Congress 2017

Friday 29 September 2017

Wednesday 27 September 2017    |    Thursday 28 September 2017

0830-0930 Manchester bombings: reflection & lessons learned
0900-0930 Registration (Foyer) & industry exhibition (Hall 2)
  Location: Hall 1a,b,c
F1: Anaesthesia Journal Session
Chair: Dr Andy Smith
0930-0955 Please please me: placebos in research and practice
Dr Siu-Wai Choi, Hong Kong
0955-1020 The strength and limitations of registry studies
Dr Lars Rasmussen, Copenhagen
1020-1045 Anaesthesia article of the year
Dr Andre Vercueil, London
1045-1100 Discussion
1100-1130 Tea & coffee/ Industry exhibition (Hall 2)
  Location: Hall 1a,b
Location: Hall 3a,b Location: Hall 1c
1130-1300 F2a: Evidence based post-operative prescribing
F2b: Challenging patients
F2c: Oral presentations – Audit & survey
1130-1155 Prevention of venous thrombosis
Dr Jecko Thachil, Manchester

Needle phobia
Dr Julia Morch-Sidall, Newcastle

1155-1220 Modern analgesic regimens
Dr Johan Raeder, Oslo
The child who refuses
Dr Paul Baines, Liverpool

1220-1245 Antiemetics
Dr Ian Smith, Stoke

Mangement of acute behavioural disturbance
Dr Richard Stevenson, Glasgow
1245-1300 Discussion Discussion
1300-140030 Lunch / Industry exhibition (Hall 2)
1300-1400 Lunchtime industry-sponsored symposium. Lunch provided. Room 12
Location: Hall 1a,b,c
1400-1415 F3: Prize Giving
1415-1505 F4: John Snow Lecture
Chair: Dr Paul Clyburn, President, AAGBI
  Speaking up and blowing the whistle
Ms Anna Rowland, GMC
1505-1635 F5:  Controversies
1505-1530 PA(A)s
Dr Andrew Hartle, London
1530-1555 Echocardiography: get trained or get someone else!
Dr Nick Fletcher, London
1555-1620 Remifentanil: far too dangerous for labour ward
Prof Vegard Dahl, Oslo, Norway
1620-1635 Discussion
1635 Close of meeting

Wednesday 27 September 2017    |    Thursday 28 September 2017